Dragon Wasps Download torrent 720p

Download Dragon Wasps torrent 720p

Year: 2012
Director: Neither Joe
Country: USA
Runtime: 81 min. / 1:21
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Actors: Corin Nemec, Dominica Volski, Nicolette Noel Benjamin Istadey, Gildon Roland, David Staszko, Stevie Hack, Michael Webb, Adrian Clissold, David Tasker


The father of a young Gina Humphries – a scientist who is lost during an expedition in the jungle. The girl in that no matter what, wants to find and save her beloved father. She called a colleague to help. The girls are committed and courage. But do not forget that this is the jungle, so they simply do not survive. Here and there lie in wait for the new characters in trouble: the evil guerrillas, a local shaman, a military base. However, this is still nothing but how to cope with the huge “Draconians wasps?” With killer mutants will agree clearly more difficult … But when this woman gave up without a fight ?! With HDMovie720.com you can download Dragon Wasps full movie in 720p.

Dragon Wasps Trailer

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